Public Announcement: Placer County Cannabis Supporters join PCGA November 8th

Public Announcement: Placer County Cannabis Supporters join PCGA November 8th

This public announcement provided by Placer County Growers Association
Please join the Placer County Growers Association on November 8th to voice the community’s desire for safe and fair regulation of cannabis in Placer County. The Board of Supervisors will meet to discuss a new ordinance beginning at 10 a.m. at the County Administrative Center located at 175 Fulweiler Avenue in Auburn.

We applaud the Board of Supervisors for taking a fresh look at regulation of cannabis business in the County. We also hope that you can make it to the meeting, in order to make a great showing of support for a reasonable and fair path to legalization.

We want to be sure that the Board is receptive to what we have to say. So, we ask that you follow a few tips for etiquette at a public meeting.

First, please dress appropriately for this meeting! We want to be viewed as professionals. Consider wearing business or business casual attire, or if you prefer, please wear your farmer green shirt to show your support for Placer farmers.

Second, please show respect for the Board and the County staff by speaking and conducting yourself in a professional manner while in attendance. The Board reserves a time for members of the public to speak. If you haven’t been called to speak, please refrain from speaking, shouting, jeering, cheering, etc. This will ensure that the Board can maintain a professional and respectful meeting. They will appreciate it and appreciate us for it!

Finally, if you do have an opportunity to speak, please wait until the floor is opened for comment and keep them short and simple. Identify yourself… “I’m a Farmer, I’m a patient and I’m seeking fair regulation” and then state your position… “I believe that regulation will create jobs and support small business, ensure safe access to medicine or ensure that our quality of life is protected”. Please refrain from shouting, interrupting or using aggressive behavior towards others, even if you disagree with what they have said.

We want to be viewed as an important and valuable part of the community. November 8th represents a great opportunity to demonstrate this so that we can continue our work together to create a safe and fair public policy on cannabis regulation.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST WEAR YOUR “I VOTED” STICKERS!! SEE YOU THERE, PCGA will be there early to provide you with an informational flyer before you go into the supervisors chambers for the meeting. Look for the green shirts. If you have questions please feel free to email us at placercountygrowersassociation@gmail.com and we will respond as quickly as possible.

agenda: http://www.placer.ca.gov/upload/bos/cob/documents/sumarchv/2016/161108A/bosa161108.htm

GiGi Capone

November 4th, 2016

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